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Hello there all-

I'm a 30 year old male (just turned 30 about 3 weeks ago). I had moderate acne when I was a teenager, but it largely cleared up by my late teens/early 20s. Now, my skin has never been completely perfect -- I have always had an occassional pimple, but about two years ago something seemed to change. I began to get many more pimples, some of which were large and painful, and did not come to a head (cysts, I assume). On top of that, near the end of '03, my forehead began to break out with a lot of small bumps, both white and red (comedones?). My forehead has always been oily, but until then, had almost never broken out. In fact, it was always my oasis of clearness even when the rest of my face wasn't cooperating. Needless to say, it really upset me.

After seeing a Derm for nearly a year now, the larger pimples seem to have largely cleared up (knock on wood). However, my forehead is still a mess, studded with small bumps, etc.

I've been using benzaclin and differin, along with oral antibiotics (minocycline). The derm recommended the differin as being especially effective on the type of acne I get on my forehead, and for about a month's span of time (after going through the initial breakout period), seemed to work quite well. But recently, the acne there came back with a vengeance, and it's as bad as it ever was.

Any thoughts on what would be effective/not effective for this type of acne? I'm sort of at my wit's end. I've been considering asking the derm about accutane, but I'm afraid of the side effects (hair loss, ye gads) and the possibility of it not working very well.