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So I posted a while ago when I was really depressed about my skin. Well, I still am depressed about it. I just don't know what to do anymore. I've been going to my derm for 3 years, and my skin has improved, but my skin hasn't been clear since 6th grade, and I'm in 10th grade now! Anyways, I just want something that clears up my skin up and takes away the oil! I know she has the drugs to do it because shes a doctor! lol. My acne isn't terrible, but it's very persistent. I have at least 4 pimples on my face a day, and that is on a VERY good day! Oh and my back and chest is really broken out too. At least ten pimples on a good day, and I have NEVER seen anyone with skin as oily as mine. Within ten minutes after washing, my face looks like it was just smothered in a pan of grease! So the point of this thread is to say: I WANT ACCUTANE! I go to the derm tomorrow and I want to know exactly what to say to her to convince her that accutane is the way to go. I have tried tazorac, differen, finacia, retin-a, doryx, clindamycin, benzaclin, triaz pads, aknemycin, and MCI (some roll on crap). Those are all the ones I can think of, but my mom has kept track, and I have been on 17 different topicals and 2 antibiotics, and NOTHING has cleared up my skin! I'm just so incredibly sick of it at this point! So if any of you guys could give me advice on what exactly to say to my derm, that would be extremely helpful and very much appreciated! Thank you so much!