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What kind of peels are you doing and how many? Do you have alot of dark spots my problem sounds like yours but I was hoping one heavy tca peel will help me. Thanks

Yeas- I have a bunch of little dark spots (kind of brownish reddish) from where there used to be acne. I've been trying to get rid of them forever! I also have like 4-5 very shallow scars and my pores on my cheeks are enlarged. I've done 2 tca peels since July and I'm going again next week. I'm also on differin and benzaclin. The combination of all this stuff has really gotten my acne under control. I've had acne forever, and now my breakouts are limited. I really feel like the peels have made a difference in the way my scars and dark spots look. They've kind of faded away my dark spots and minimized the appearance of the shallow scars. So I'm def. going to continue with the peels and I totally recommend them. I pay $150 a peel but its worth it. Right now I'm looking into trying either the obaji blue peel or blue-light treatment bc people here say it works so well. I've got a derm. appt. Fri. and I'm going to ask her also about getting on spiro bc I have oily skin and i think that that part of the problem.