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I'm getting my first cool touch treatment at the end of November and I'm very very excited. I've been attacking my acne aggresively since last summer and I'm happy to say that it looks A LOT better compared to a year ago. I've been on topicals: differin and benzaclin (benzaclin is amazing), had two TCA peels (my next one is on Monday), and have been using epidermix for the past month and half (highly recommend it). I've been able to stop my major breakouts and my spots are getting lighter and my pores have gotten smaller... overall I finally have some hope after a very long struggle with acne! Anyways, I will update on my progress after the cool touch.
I do have a question however... I've heard people talk about combining cool touch with microdermabrasion and was wondering how close I could have microderm. to the cool touch treatment? Does it work better when you do them close together or is that too much for your skin to handle? I feel like all the stuff I'm doing is bordering on excessive but my skin has really come around lately!