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Not to be a downer or anything but how is stopping all medication going to help any fights wihe acne? I have been an acne sufferer for about 7 years now. And finally I have found something that works for me. I was one of those people where money was no option and tried everything known to man from over the counter to prescription. My face would just get used to it and then stop working. I've tried the whole ProActiv thing, you name it. Finally i started using a cleansing bar called PanOxyl. Its a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide bar. And also started on BenzaClin, which is an antiboitic with 5% benzoyl peroxide. But its a prescription and can be quite costly. So I was back to the whole im sick of paying so much for so little. Finally I thought since I was doing so well with the Benzaclin, maybe its just the 5% benzoyl perozide in that benzaclin and that cleansing bar. So I stopped using the benzaclin and washed my face at night with the PanOxyl bar and applied just a 5% Benzoyl peroxide cream. (In the stores you can only buy a 10% cream for some reason, but that really dried out my face and made it peal and turn red and hurt so 5% is way better) so if you go to skin-etc.com you can buy Benzaderm which is a 5% benzoyl peroxide cream which is only aound $4. And sure enough it works just the same. I have been using this procedure for the last 3 months and the pimples are bye bye! I occationally get one during my menstral period but nothing even close to what I normally had gotten. Oh yeah and if you never heard of Elicina cream, GET IT! If you have little red pigmentations (acne scars) every time you get a pimple, this cream works wonders at lightening them. In the morning after I wash my face with the Panoxyl bar, I put that on, then my makeup. (I only use that benzoderm cream at night) That way I get that elicina cream to work on the acne scars in the day and the benzaderm at night fight acne. The elicina cream also has an antibotic in it to help fight acne too. I usually buy it off ebay cuz it can be cheaper. But of course I know that everyone's acne fight is different and this might not even help for you, but at least I got to tell people what has worked for me. Also, if that panoxyl bar is too much and dries out your skin, there is a 5% bar also. Hope this might help people:)
Where is get my products:
Elicina (elicina.com) or (ebay.com)
Benzoderm 5% (skin-etc.com)
Panoxyl Bar (Most department stores, I get mine form Shopko)