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I have had acne (moderate and severe) throughout most of my life (currently 26). I recently experienced a new bout of cystic acne, and my derm put me on 100mg of minocycline, benzaclin, and retin-a. Fortunately, it stopped the breakouts big time, including no more cysts. Problem is, now even when I get tiny white heads it leaves a noticeable red mark that is not going away in a timely fashion. I spoke with the derm who said it was post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and would take time to go away. Personally, I don't remember having such a problem with the red spots going away 5-10 years ago when it was also bad.

To speed it up, he lowered my Minocycline to 75mg (2x per day) and changed me to Azelex from Retin-A. Now I do Azelex at night and Benzaclin in the morning. I am also using the Neutrogena Gentle Cleanser as my face wash.

Two questions: does this regimen sound like a good one to relieve the red marks (which are almost as bad as the pimples from a social perspective) and has anyone had success with Azelex for red marks?

In advance, thanks for your comments.