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I'm 18 and 3 months old and a guy. Have had a lot of acne a few years and been using benzaclin for about 2 years now. I mostly break out on my forehead with little zits and the rest of the face is almost completely clean, I do get breakouts there but just very minor ones maybe once or twice a week or times nothing at all. I would like to know if benzaclin is working for me or am I clearing naturally? Here are the two things...when I just started using benzaclin after a few months my skin was dry and I wasn't breaking out at all, now my skin is oily like always and see breakouts. Also my chin area which was bad too before, I grew facial hair there and carried it for a few months and haven't gotten almost no outbreaks there during that time, maybe just a few, and obviously the cream can't get through the beard. So what you guys think? I'm afraid of stopping it suddenly since I might have acne breakouts reaction to stopping it a few weeks later, I really want to avoid this.