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I'm 40 years old and have had acne since adolescence except for several years when I was on the pill. I finally made an appt with a derm and just got back. I'm disappointed and discouraged with my visit.

The doc was very quick with me. Looked at my face, which looks better today than it has in months, no new pimples, I have post-imflammatory hyperpigentation and old acne scarring. He prescribed Benzaclin, which I've never heard of but when he told me it's a benzoyl peroxide treatment I voiced my concerns over aging. I've heard benzoyl peroxide is not good. He said it's not any worse than the sun damage. Yikes! Then he referred me to a plastic surgeon to address my other concerns. (The old scarring, hyperpigmentation, and aging)

My insurance covers the derm as a specialist visit, 80% covered after $500 deductible met. They're not going to cover a PS at all. I initally wanted to see a different derm but this is the ONLY ONE that is a preferred provider with my ins. company. I'm also using CP products that I have been happy with. He said I could use that in the morning and the bezaclin in the evening. But I forgot to ask if I could use Emu Oil over it. Now what? This sucks.
And I have facial cleansers with salicylic acid in them (Neutrogena acne cleanser and Loreal Zone) and I don't know if I can still use them.

Can anyone tell me anything about benzaclin?
I just want clear, smooth skin and don't am fighting the aging process too so I don't want to use anything that will impede the progress I've made in that area. :(
I use benzaclin. Ive had real bad acne since about 13. I was on accutane twice and my acne came back both times. Been on tetracycline a a couple times as well which didnt work too good. went to my derm about four months ago and she gave me tetracycline and benzaclin. I had tried benzaclin before for about a month and a half but it did not work. this time I took both for a month and a half and went back. I was unhappy and didnt see any improvement but she said it was clearing and the red marks will take 1/2 year to a year to fade. she gave me 9 refills of each, told me to expiriment, and come back in a year for refills. so I went off tetracycline and used only benzaclin and another month I noticed I was getting no new pimples, at all. been just under 4 months now and my face is almost completley clear. still got some red but its fading. I forget to use it alot so it probably could be even better.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]i've had really bad acne since i was about 13 and i tried everything over the counter and nothing worked it seemed to make everything worse. So I made an appointment to go see a derm. and he put me on Prascion facial cleanser, Minocycline pills (75 mg) and Benzaciln at first i was a little taken back because i thought it was all too much at one time. I've been using all 3 for over 6 months and i've seen a drastic change on my face. My face no longer hurts because of my acne and it feels refreshing to touch my face and not be in pain everytime i do so. I still have about 8 or 9 pimples on my face but i'm hoping that they will be going away soon

Benzaclin works very well for me but a little word of advice: you have to use it twice a day if u skip a dose then it will mess your skin up [/FONT]
Thanks for the info. I'm not thrilled with being prescribed benzaclin. I have age to deal with too and benzoyl peroxide oxidizes in the cells and promotes free radicals which is what every anti-aging product works to reduce. This doc gave me a $10 rebate for it and I think he was just pushing that product because there is some sort of promotion going on that he'll benefit from by prescrbing it as much as possible within a certain peroid of time. He didn't listen to my concerns at all. There are many other topical treatments without benzoyl peroxide. (JMO) . I'm glad you are both having some success with it. I think I will keep searching for something else. :(
Thanks kittikat. The things you mentioned the Retin-a for are exactly the things I mentioned to the derm that I wanted to treat which is why I think he's pushing the benzaclin for some promotion because that would have been more suitable for my concerns. I was surprised he didn't give me Retin-a because I had that in the back of my mind as a possibility.

I made an appt. with a plastic surgeon who uses the Nu-Derm Obagi system. I think I'm going to go that route. The bummer is it won't be covered by insurance because it's a PS prescibing it and not a Derm which would be covered as a specialist. The only thing I have concerns about is going through the red, peeling stage because I have to be out and don't want to be seen that way! But I have heard it is soooo worth it for the final results.
thatgirl26, how will benzaclin mess your skin up if you use it once a day?