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I have been using Minocycline for about a year and a half ( 17 months ) and am wondering if I should get off of it? I am taking 100 mg once a night. So I am wanting to go down to 50 mg and eventually stop taking it all together. When I a started I was 17 and my acne was mild-maybe moderate at some points. Its very mild now ( I have just turned 19 ) and am wondering if i should start getting off of it... I have noticed its sort have been slowley getting better... my last little break out which wasnt that bad was about a month and a half ago and I beleive it to be caused by staying up for 2 days ( i got 3 hours of sleep ) and flying durring those days. I also use just a little little bit of BenzaClin at night aswell, just the smalled 1/4 a pea size amount spread over my face, I just recently down sized the doses and its been just fine for the last month or so. I am wondering if the Minocycline is even still working right now, since I have been on it for so long, I am not sure if humans become immine too it within a certain time frame. I just dont want to go off of it and have a break out, and have to wait so long for it too have a decent effect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank You, Gettingclear7
Hmmm no not really... so im wondering if my skin would have been worse if i was on the minocyclin, because i did not really see a change, i think the only thing that really helped was the benzaclin, and i live in very sunny weather all year for a while, but my skin seems like its calming down... i dont really even know if minocyclin did anything or is still doing anything,,, im just nervous to go off of it and experience some break outs.... thats been my experience so far...my skin hasnt ever been too bad,,, maybe i had a few break outs but i probly just over reacted... its just frustrating