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Yea, i believe they are cysts..

I mean i poped maybe 1-2 by now that oozed white puss and then they went away (blood came out so i covered with tissue for like 30 minutes / dabbed it )

And then it went away in that spot but came back in another.. its not really on the bottom its all near the top of the sack.

Theres quite a few but all small the ones i poped were getting pretty big.. none are like that now.. i have some medicine for my face benzaclin and i figured if it helped my face clear up then it would help down there.. so i've been applying that and it seems to sorta work.. as they don't enlarge and sorta look like they are going down.

Honestly i don' tknow how to go about visiting a doc. The only one i know if family physician and it would be very awkwrad to walk in there and ask for confidentiality.. and pay and etc.