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i have had the same problem....

for the acne...i've tried pro active- which does work, but for clear skin, in return you get enlarged pores, and with time, your skin adjusts to the pro activ and it doesn't work anymore. I've tried Murad-waste of money
the only thing that has worked for me were prescriptions

discoloratiom two words :ultra glow

have u heard of it?
it works wonders...
also walgreen's alpha hydroxy face cream
you need something for hyperpigmentation
you could go to your doctor and ask for the prescription bleaching cream
Tri-Luma, it works wonders for ethnic skin

if your insurance doesn't cover it, or you don't want to go through that process
go to [url]www.bodybleach.com[/url]

they give away free samples of a 7-day bleaching cream (says it works in 7 days and it's FREE ...maybe it does work)

you only pay $6.41 for shipping