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You and me both sweetheart and I know how frustrating it gets. This is what you can try using... neutrogena oil-free acne wash (cleanser), iman perfect response gentle toner for acne prone very oily skin (toner...cvs,walgreens or walmart),skineffects by Dr. Jefferey Dover Advance brightening Complex(skin lightener for dark/red spots...cvs), neutrogena on the spot acne medication and aveeno postively radiant daily moisturizer spf 15. Right now i'm on benzaclin in the moring and retin a micro 0.04% gel at night so I haven't yet tried the skin lightner or the toner but my skin is still oily so i don't know for sure if this might help reduce the oil for you but you have to try the aveeno moisturizer its really awesome on oily skin i love it. alot of people on this board say that milk of magnesia is really good for oily skin but i'm kinda scared to put that on my face since i'm on acne medication and thats not its purpose . Some people even say putting honey on your face 2-3 times a week help. hope this helps a bit. If you want you can just go But the book its called The skin type solution by Dr. Leslie Baumann she recommends products for your skin type. Good luck.