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Regular doctors CAN prescribe topical treatments as well. I just went today and my dr. gave me a RX for Benzaclin. Not sure how well it works, but I guess it's worth a shot.

I get cystic acne as well, but only on my forehead. What I think helps the most is treating it from the inside. Which means a lot of fruit and water. I also squeeze half a lemon into every glass of water I drink, extra if I've just eaten something like chocolate. It does help but you need to be consistent with it. I skipped a couple of days (I've been doing it for months now) and I got 3 cystic pimples because I didn't keep up. Now that I've bought more lemons (limes work well too), they've gone down pretty much all the way in just a couple of days. They do leave scars though, and I'm not sure what to do about that yet.