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For yrs I took tetracyline and used benzoyl peroxide,erythromycin gel.
My dermo suggested accutane.I was all for it!But then discovered I couldn't
take it because I was not on the pill.Didn't have my tubes tied...etc....
I have suffered terrible cysts on and off for 20yrs!As well as general acne!
Doxycyline has worked for me as well.It does take a few weeks to see a difference.
I think any meds we take for acne that work well eventually fail us.
Mainly because we build up a resistance to it. I have used Retin A and Benzaclin.
I did alot of research on products.
I discovered that salicylic acid works!!St Ives Apricot scrub with salicylic acid is wonderful for washing the face.
Clean&Clear Advantage....Johnson&Johnson acne spot treatment with salicylic acid works wonders!!!
Both products can be bought at the local drug store.They are not expensive.
Try these along with the doxycycline...give it a few weeks...
I think you will be happy!!! Jane