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I too tryed Proactiv but it only dissapointed. I don't know why it works for some people and others not. All I know is with all the buzz about it, and wonderful promises, it sure drops an atomic bomb on all your hopes for clear skin, nuking them into oblivion! I was really [COLOR="Red"]angry towards the publicity of the product. Everytime an infomercial, or magazine ad came up I would yell "LIARS!!!"
Anyways, my dermatologist is dead set against Proactiv. She says it uses harsh chemicals in the formula, many which are found in toilet bowl cleaners! :eek:
Usually if you have bad acne all you can do is try prescription topical creams, or oral medications.
I've had great success now with BenzaClin. It's a topical antibiotic cream. Ask your dermatologist about that. And of course being a female with bad acne can definitely be hormonal. I noticed better success with different types of birth control pills. Diane 35 actually didn't help me very much even though it's supposed to be the best for controlling acne. I think Orthocept was the best for me. It also took care of most of my cramps! :D
Good luck ladies and may clear skin prevail!