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so i was prescribed the benzaclin for morning, differin for night...ever tried using both at night, cuz i derm says to use both at night but i can't recall whether he said to put the differin first and then the benzaclin, or the benzaclin first and then the differin...:confused:
Be careful using those two at the same time. Benzaclin was way too harsh for my skin I can't imagine using differin and Benzaclin at the same time. I would recommend just using the differin by itself at night till you get used to it.
I have been on Differin for like 2 years now, and my doctor gave me some benzaclin today. She said to use the differin at night (like I have been) and the benzaclin in the morning. I hope it works, I've got a lot of scars too, anyone have a good suggestion to getting rid of those??:confused:
I was on Differin, and it really didn't do much for me. I'm on Benzaclin too now, in addition to Retin-A. I seriously wouldnt use both at the same time; I used two acne medications at the same time (but these two were over-the-counter so that might be different from the result of using two perscription ones) and my face was burnt. This was the Christmas weekend, and I went into the city with my skin absolutely just peeling from my face like a bad sunburn. My family was always asking what the heck happened. This is not to say that it would be bad for your skin or with the medications you are using; different medications have different reactions to one another. If they're compatible, I don't think it really matters which one you put on first, but I would say the Differin since I was told Benzaclin was just for spot treatment.