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Hey well I am on day 16 of accutane I take 50mg a day and so far nothing too bad my lips peel a little but I don't need to slop on chapstick or anything. My face is still oily and I can see acne undernearth my skin waiting to come out but it has yet to surface besides a few mild ones here and there. I still use benzaclin even though I'm probably not supposed to so shhh haha it doesn't bother my skin I guess because overall my skin is just as oily if not more oily then before and I have read you will know when to stop using BP because when you put it on it will burn but i have yet to experience this so I am still using it in hope it will help me whenever I get if I get an IB. When I went to my derm I asked him if I should still use the face wash he prescribed me months ago(which is Ovace a sodium something wash) and he said it would be fine and some of his patients used it throughout their course without it bothering their skin but obviously for some people he said it was too drying so they switched to something mild like cetaphil. So I wish you luck since I am only starting my third week on accutane I still have a long hual in front me to see how my body reacts to the stuff.... you really need to give atleast 1-2months for all the side effects to kick in and stuff and some people get more oily before they dry out and some people don't dry out at all soo good luck everyday I can't wait to wake up and see what its doing to me next haha its kind of funnyy