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I've tried everything...My skin seamed to get a little better when i went tanning..and at one time i even tried laser treatments. The price of those went up and i can no longer afford them (from $50 when i got them-and now they are $250 PER TREATMENT!) So after I had my son last december my skin got a little better, and then a lot worst :confused:

So i went to the dermatologist AGAIN a few weeks ago and was prescribed benzaclin for the morning and retina micro for night. I have used both of these years ago, but showed no results. Now, i feel it may be working some. My skin seems to be doing better, but it burns and its peeling.

Well my question is...I have red spots left over from some of my pimples and i want to know if there is a way to make the redness dye down? I use bare minerals makeup, and love it, but it isnt covering these spots:mad:

Can anyone help?