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I just found your post and have to add my thoughts on Bare Minerals because I've been using it since Sept 06. First, my acne lifeline, if you will: I have had terrible, terrible skin since the 5th grade. Been on Accutane twice, minocycline, doxycycline, retin-A, benzaclin, bcp, every over the counter cream and treatment you can name. I still get breakouts, but nothing compared to before Accutane, thank goodness. Anyway, my skin gets really oily and makeup either slides off or looks cakey (from all the drying meds) and it all makes me break out.
I currently only use Ortho-tri-cyclen and Benzaclin for my skin. This has been my regimen for about five years and like I said, I still break out, usually around my cycle, but the blemishes go away fast and don't leave those awful red marks behind like my old acne used to.
I bought the bare minerals starter kit in Sept not knowing what to expect. I love this stuff. I now get an occassional pimple here and there,less even than I got before the makeup. I wear it all day and it looks the same morning till night, and it has not irritated my skin in any way. I actually get compliments on my skin now. Me, the person who has battled terrible acne since 5th grade!
The makeup will NOT clear your skin up, but it will make it look great if you don't overdo it. A tiny bit is all you need. What has been amazing, however, is their night treatment called rare minerals. It's a powder, just like the makeup, so you go to bed looking great and this stuff really improves my skin. I'm 32 now and not only do I feel like my acne has improved with this, but I have less red splotchiness and ruddiness. I personally love it. However, having battled skin problems for so long and reading all of the "testimonials" of countless products only to try them myself and be heartbroken, I can only say it's worked great for me. I hope it will for you as well--good luck!