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im not the type that has sever acne, i just have 4 pimples for the most and blackheads. but mine r the big n bad ones. i never wanted to try the online ones or the ones on tv. i didn't wanna try the pills either cuz i didnt want the side effects. but i did try the cream my doc gave me, its benzaclin, it helps fast. my face would clear up in a week. if ur the type that has it real bad, like my sis she had it for 4 years real bad. she used the retin A therapy. and now she doesnt get anymore acne, but there are side effects. u have to stay away from the sun, try not to miss one day, ur face gets pale. b4 she though i was luck to not have much acne, now shes the lucky one cuz she doesnt get it n e more. i just get it but like usual only one zit real tiny and i treat it its gone. but b4 trying anything we both read reviews about the medication cuz of many past situations.