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well I had the elasticity problem once I started pulling my hair too tight, and when I started having eatting disorders, which I had stopped in order to restore my skin elasticity.

I used doxycycline- antibiotic
Duac gel in the morning and differin gel at night - which i stopped do to my skin feeling raw and looked like a lobster. My internist said i should stop maybe an allergic reaction. She's trying me on benzaclin. WHich is also drying.
She wants me to see a better dermatologists. My last derm told me i have acne vulgaris and i've seen laser specialists that said that i strengthened the muscles in my skin and trained them to be so tight by pulling my hair that my skin is loose. THey also said you lose you elasticity in your skin after pulling and stretching your skin over a long period of time, in my case a 1 1/2- 2 years. So I dont know what to do now. It's ruined my life. If I dont get it fixed in some form of way, I'm just going to die.
i dont know what to say,but i pray that everything turns out ok for you.I hope u stopped taking all those meds.I was depreesed for 2 years and I refused to take meds.I dealt with the depression,the sleepiness,the self mutalation,all of it without meds.I just went to therapy and it helped alot.I also have acne,well had acne.I think it goes with the depression lol.I was on benzaclin in the morning and tazorac at night.The benzaclin was too strong and dried out my face.plus I was allergic to the benzoyl peroxide.So my derm switched me to clindamycin 1% gel in the morning and tazorac at night.My acne is completely clear now after just 2 months of treatment.Tazorac is a miracle.Oh and my derm cant stop stressing the importance of a good oil free moisturizer before apply my topical treatments.I think your really young and you can fix your skin back naturally.If nothing helps i read that the titan laser is good for tightening skin.This women on another forum that i visit regularly had this done on her stomache and it really worked.You dont need a face lift.In the meantime try top have fun.You only live once.