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Minocycline was the only thing that ever worked for my moderate yet oh-so-persistant acne.

I used it along with benzoyl peroxide and Tazorac, but the antibiotic was no doubt what fixed my acne.

Unfortunately, the first week or two I was extremely dizzy and off-balance, sometimes nauseous. However that feeling faded. If you can, stick it out.

My advice: the first time you notice your skin is better, don't stop takng the antibiotic right away. Take it for a few months more after your skin is first clear. Then SLOWLY wean yourself off it.

Keep in mind, though, that DIFFERENT THINGS WORK FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Some people rave over Benzaclin of Differin. I thought they were useless. Others seem "immune" to the effects of an antibiotic, while I seem them as a powerful tool in the fight against acne. Just give it a try, what can you lose?