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Here is the timeline/treatments about a horrible zit on my nose.

Two Tuesdays Ago: Blemish first appeared. At the time, it was red and not too raised. Thought it would be an easy one to wipe out. Was initially treating with Duac but ran out so switched to Benzaclin on Wednesday, washing with Brevoxyl or Cetaphil during the day.

Two Sundays Ago: Blemish had gotten slightly bigger. After washing with Cetaphil around noon, came open and bled a bit. Not major bleeding like others that have come open during regular washing. Applied direct pressure.

Last Wednesday: Bled slightly during washing (for maybe 30 seconds). Hard head would begin to form over next few days. Began to spot treat with Neosporin by this point.

Sunday: Head came off in shower. New, bigger, whiter head formed over next few days.

Today: Head came off in shower again. Not too much oozing with the aftermath, but area is still red and raised. Will be starting Vibramycin tonight to prevent infection.

What I am most concerned about is redness and scarring. I'm not too prone to either--only got one minor scar on my chin from chicken pox and have one or two floating around from the large and hard zits that I got on my temples for a while--they're not even noticeable. However, this is my NOSE. I also would like to know what is taking this zit so long to ago away--I've taken care of a few on my cheek or forehead within days that were about the same size. I would really like to have this mess gone by Monday because I have a very important meeting to get to then.

The big problem has been heads falling off. I've been as gentle as humanly possible though I have to scrub a bit to get rid of gunky residue left by Benzaclin/Neosporin/regular oil from my face.

These breakouts started in March, shortly after turning 20 and a half. I had been clear for some time before that and acne had not been a problem since my junior year of high school aside from a random blemish now and then. Also, Accutane is not an option for me as I already have diagnosed depression (induced by college).