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Ok well I just left the Derm...It's actually the second one (I lied, I went to one about 7 years ago) ....What a Joke....

Ok I've had moderate Acne for about 8 years, since I was about 13-14. I'm 22 now and decided I've had enough.

First off I spend about thirty minutes each morning in the bathroom covering up my spots with C&C Advantage, I've gotten pretty good at it, most of the time you can hardly tell anythings wrong with my face, apart from it being really oily and I'm always shiny. I told them this and they joked about it like "Why are you here again?" I guess it's a compliment but it's not funny.

Then I talked to the nurse who literally asked me if I eat "Chocolate, Spicy foods or Peanuts" I thought to myself "Is this 85'?,What the hell". Then she asked me what foods cause me to breakout, and when I answered with "Crackers,White Bread, Rice" She said...I swear to god.... "Don't eat those"......::sighs::

She then try to sell me their version of Witch Hazel and some Regular Face Lotion.....and she gave me a sample of Benzaclin which is just 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.....

The doctor walked in and almost in one motion walked back out. I had to stop him and ask him questions, which he precided to answer with the craziest things I've heard

Face breaks out when sleeping face down
My Answer - Bacteria
His Answer - Heat

I break out when I eat Rice
My Answer - Blood Sugar Change
His Answer - Heat? Seriously......

My face breaks out in the exact spot where my Grandma pinched my cheek
My Answer - Bacteria
His Answer - Impossible and that I was pretty much lying

He also said he's never heard that it was a bad thing to touch your face with your hands and that someone had been misinforming me.....This guy was horrible

David M Graham - Edmond OK

I went back and looked at his reviews on yahoo maps(who looks at those anyway?) I remembered there were 3, when I read them,two of them were obviously planted, saying his the best in the world and one was real, talking about how horrible he was.....

Is there hope for me? or is this all Derms? I'm sick and tired of topicals and constantly messing with it, I feel like I'm a prisoner in my own body!

Can anyone recommend a Derm in OK?