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Hi, I am new to this but I just wanted to comment that I too am taking Yasmin (for both BCP and acne treatment) also differin at nite and benzacline in morning. my skin got worse when i first started the Yaz but now i am 3 months in and my skin has gotten much better...a few pimples now and then but def better....

also my PCP just started me on Effexor for anxiety. I wonder if anyone knows how this reacts with the birth control pill??
I had the worst breakout in my life a few months back. I used to just have 1 or two pimples at a time and pro-active seemed to have worked for me. But this last time, omg, I was getting new pimples everyday, big and cystic and they hurt. They covered my entire chin, my forehead and the sides of my face close to my ears. I counsulted a dermatologist and he prescribed me BactrimDS twice a day, and topicals Differin 0.3% gel in the morning and Benzaclin at night. In about 3 weeks, I started seeing the change, the pimples just flattened out and I stopped getting new ones. I was so happy. I took the antibiotics for two months but continued using the topicals to control excess oil because my skin is so oily. I was left with the dark spots from the pimples but I took care of that with microdermabrasion. Now my skin looks so different from when that worst break out started.