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i have medium brown skin (South Asian). Recently I tried this lightening clear called Meladerm off the net for just 4 days (at night and in the day..) I also used my usual benaclin with it...(probably a bad idea..)

Along the edge of my face, I woke up 2 days ago with lighter splotches! Not white, but lighter than my skin tone in a few spots...

Totally freaking me out...Meladerm;s ingredients seem like natural lighteners..Kojic acid, arbitrin, licorice, etc... Maybe it was the combo with Benzaclin?? I hope this goes away!! ironically I was using this for HYPER pigmentation and ended up with HYPO pigmentation.. Or at least a lighter color in a few spots!!!

Anyone had something like this happen?? Hope this repigments! I stopped with the meladerm...