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I've been reading around this forum for a while and I hope some of you migth help me:

I started breaking out at age 10 (yes, 10!!) and never stopped. I'm 33 now. I've tried it all, from antibiotics to accutane (twice), every prescription topical option around, fish oil, diet, etc. I am currently using a benzaclin topical treatment twice a day, and my skin is okay, but still not clear and I still break out, particularly around my chin. Lately my neck and back have been breaking out like crazy, and they are usually generally clear. (nothing's changed in my life or routine, so I can't figure this out).

Anyway, I've always concentrated so much on the acne that I never really asked any doctor about my other embarassing skin problem: I'm blonde with fair skin. I have a TON of blonde facial hair that looks terrible, especially in direct sunlight, and I get course dark hairs all over my chin. I pluck them or use that simple touch hair trimmer thing, but to honest, I'm quite tired of my skin, particularly my face, taking up so much of my precious time! I mentioned it to my pc once recently and her explanation was that I am "getting older." But I've had this problem since the acne started!
I've asked to have my hormone levels tested, but my doctor (long story) always said it's unnecessary. I had a full endo workup a few years ago and all that was fine.

My question is this: I've been reading about this spironolactone and I really think it's something I should try. I'm not sure if I will have better luck asking a dermatologist for it or going to my pc, or maybe even my gyn. Any suggestions? In almost 20 years no dermatologist has ever so much as mentioned this drug to me.

Also, for anyone who's used it, does spiro really help excess facial hair? Does it slow down growth, or stop it?

I would be so grateful for any insight from anyone! Thanks!!