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Ugh, my skin was looking fine, a few marks but they could be covered with makeup, and some annoying premenstrual bumps, but after over 20 years of horrible breakouts and using every prescription product available including accutane I could handle those.

Why did I decide to change my routine? I should have known, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Anyway, benzaclin seemed to have lost its effectiveness after five years, so I went to the dermatologist, who got me all excited to try spironolactone, but then deflated my excitement by telling me I had to be on the pill for a month first.

In the meantime he gave me tretinoin .025% with instructions to use every other day. So I wash with Cetaphil twice a day, use the same moisturizer I've used for 10 years (neutrogena original oil free) and use the tretinoin every other day since last week.

All of the sudden my face is super oily and I have very small red bumps and whiteheads.

I know there's an initial breakout with tretinoin, but does anyone have tips on reducing the severity (if that's possible)? How about anything I can use on the off days to help combat the breakout? I still have some benzaclin, and I've also heard salicylic acid on opposite days helps.

Also, how long did your initial breakouts last, and how fast did you see improvement? I know it's different for everyone but I'd love to hear all your experiences.

I'm not too worried about the dry skin, even if I combine something else with the tretinoin. At age 33 I've been around the block with the acne treatments, so I've learned the right way to moisturize my skin. I think at this low .025% tretinoin as long as I'm careful I'll be okay. I didn't even experience a huge severity of dryness with my two courses of accutane. My hands got severely dry and cracked but my face never did.