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I have suffered for the last 8 years with horrible cystic acne. My skin is dark so it would also leave ugly scars. It started when I was about 35. I have always had very oily skin.This is what I did:

I quit touching my face and also started changing the pillow case everyday.
I started taking YAZ birth control.
I wash my face with a very gentle cleanser called Purpose.
I use the Purpose redness reducing moisturizer in the morning and then use Benzaclin on top of that.
I only wash my face twice a day.
At night I use the moisturizer after I wash my face and then put Retin A Micro on top of that.

This is how my acne cleared up. About 10 days ago I started drinking the Borba clarifying water and my skin has never looked this good. The water was the icing on the cake! I haven't had one single clogged pore since October and now the water is making my pores so small and the redness has left my skin. I just wanted to share this with other acne sufferers.