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Hi Sidraz7-
I suggest you continue with your original routine for a while. I'm sure everyone is different but I experienced a terrible initial breakout from the spiro (my acne got much worse as soon as I started taking it). Continuing with your routine may help to fight any inclination your skin has to break out while getting used to the med. I have been using Benzaclin(a topical benzoyl-peroxide/clindamycin combo that I had gotten a while back from a derm) to try and help me clear this initial breakout. I plan on continuing applying the topical until it runs out and I adjust to the spiro. GOOD LUCK and let me know how you progress. we are starting just about the same time. i hope it works for us both!
It is good to know we are in this together. your post really hit a chord with me...just when i thought i was clearing up, bam, like you said in your post, another wave of pimples. They seriously appeared over the course of a few hours i think! depressing, but i'm hopeful this is all part of the major clearing process. I really thought my skin was starting to improve! my skin is kinda peely too(from some unintentional sun exposure i think earlier in the week) but anywhere i put moisturizer seems to breakout.
what's weird about it is since i've started taking the spiro my acne has changed. i used to get 1 or 2 random cysts on the lower half of my face and have really oily skin. Over the course of the month i've been on spiro i now have much drier skin and lots of little pimples allover my forehead and a few on my cheeks. they are much more coverable but give my face a terribly uneven appearance....and my forehead is just gross i think. ugh.
good news is that, like you my chest and back have cleared completely! i love that!

looks like this may be a roller coaster ride for another month or two. i hope that is all it takes! I go back to my derm second week of May and I might ask her for an antibiotic like you to help get me through the beginning of this. I am using Benzaclin as a topical at night.
good luck. i will keep posting and hope you and sidraz7 will too. the more support/info the better!