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Hi everyone!!! First of all no one would have ever been able to convince me that I would be posting something like this in a million years. I have been an adult acne sufferer for the last nine years. The thing that did it for me was finding the RIGHT dermatologist!!!!! He sat down with me and really explained to me what I should do. I have a twice daily regimen that I follow to the letter daily and my skin is now completely free of acne. All that is left is a few scars left over from my very last breakout. First of all I should mention that I am an African American female who is just about to turn 32. This may be too strong for you if you have sensitive skin, but if you have very oily skin that has been on everything else and can handle just about anything you can throw at it, then you'll want to give this a try. So glad I did!!!

1. Whether you wear makeup daily or not this doesn't matter....it MUST be done (especially if you wear makeup). Buy some 70% Ispropol Alcohol. Put some on a papertowel and clean your skin thoroughly BEFORE you wash it with anything. My derm told me that face washes/soaps are made to penetrate the pores and there is no way that they can get in if you have dirt, makeup, or debris, on your skin and they have to use all of their power to clean the skin first instead of getting into the pores to do their job.

2. After using the alcohol, wash your face with a bar of 10% sulfur soap. Mine is made by Stieffel labs and cost me $3.99 at the drugstore. My drugstore of choice didn't carry it, but the pharmacist was happy to order it for me and I picked it up the next day. Work the soap up to a thick lather on your face and then let it sit while you count to 30. Don't know why you have to count to thirty...this was the derm's instruction. DO NOT WASH THE SULFUR SOAP OFF YET...

3. Clearasil makes a cleanser called Clearasil ULTRA Daily Face Wash. It has salicylic acid in it. Take about a pea sized amount of this and work it into the lather that you already have on your face made from the sulfur soap. These two ingredients combined together help to dry out the oil glands as well as kill any acne bacteria. The added benefit of the salicylic acid helps to slough off the dead skin that clogs the pores and starts the acne in the first place.

4. The final step...and this is IMPORTANT...after washing the cleansers off of your face...pat dry GENTLY. Then, my derm prescribed Benzamycin for me. Here is the catch. I have used Benzamycin before...but he said to put it on the skin and just slightly rub it in. Do not rub it in all the way but let it air dry on your skin. This forms a barrier between your skin and the dirt, etc. in the air. Also helps with decreasing the oil production. Yes, I am aware that Benzamycin dries kind of in a white, chaulky residue...but I just wait and let it completely dry and then take a dry washcloth and kind of wipe away any signs of the white residue.

I PROMISE YOU that this has totally helped my skin!!!!! I have used everything from Retin A, Benzaclin, Sodium Sulfacetamide, and anything else you can name other than Accutane. That was my last resort and I was headed in that direction until my derm told me about the successes he was having with this form of combination therapy. This may or may not work for you but hopefully someone might see the same successes from this that I have seen. It has been absolutely great!!!!!!!!!!! No more getting up every morning looking in the mirror to see where something else has popped up overnight. That's all gone!!! Try it. Hope it works for you!:)