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I am sooooo upset right now... I am a 29 years old woman. I have had acne since I have been 14. I have been able to control it on and off with Rx meds.. But I am breaking out so badly now, with GIANT volcano like pimples! With BIG white heads RIGHT on my cheeks. Over that, I have a dark skin tone (indian) so everything leaves a dark spot wich lasts like 6 months!!

This completely saps my confidence. I am an attorney and otherwise an attractive person. I have cancelled two plans this week because of my big breakout. I hwas supposed to go out for lunch with coworkers and made an excuse. Then this weekend I was supposed to go with a bunch of friends to NYC and stay at my friends house. Guess what?? I could not deal with the thought of waking up without my makeup and facing all those perfect skinned peopole!!! Im SO upset. Would have been so fun. But whats fun when you cant even look people in the eye???

And none of my old stuff work!! Benzaclin! I am IMMUNE. Topical Ery. Im IMMUNE. Amox. Im immune...And there are a HOARD of meds I cant take cause im considering pregnancy. The acne doesnt stop. Every week I get two GIANT volcano pimples which leave big dark spots. And they take a week to even dry up!!

I just hide in my office and skip lunch with coworkers cause I know they are looking at the volcanos on my face. I am SO upset...

I have a derm appt on monday but what he can give me is so limited due to me not wanting anything big cause of possible pregnancy...

I have tried natural crap. Tea tree...Neem etc etc. NOTHING fREAKIN WORKS!!!!