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I was on Benzamycin for a bout a year and noticed that it lost its effectiveness. I went to my doctor and she prescribed me Clindets (prescription wipes with clindamycin- i think) to use. She was going to give me a mix of Benzol peroxide and clindamycin but that would make me fairly photosensitive, and its summertime..

I've been using the wipes 2x daily for approx. a week now. I've noticed that my acne is now a diff type of acne- no longer just litle whiteheads or such..it looks much different, more red, and i'm afraid to touch it. I also have a TON more blackheads, and there is acne on my cheeks and chin now, where it wasnt before! Has anyone used clindets? What were your long term results? I know it's only been a week or so, but I dont want to let it go long enough for me to get severe acne or something like that. I'm thinking of just asking my GP to prescribe me an oral medication, so I can rid myself of acne once and for all....any thoughts?