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hey everybody,
i havent posted in a really long time. well, to update, i have been using carleys for almost 2 yrs (both the soap and the face wash). i can definitely say wiht confidence that it has improved my skin, and my acne. i hardly break out now. the only zits i get are the small ones that seem to go away in a day or two. my skin is much clearer (touch wood!). i really really would recommend anyone to just give it a try, if nothing else has worked. ive had acne for years (since i was 15 and now im 23!) and i know the long process and trial and error of buying one product after the other. ive tried proactive, neutrogena, clinique, masques, dove face washes, oil of olay, clindamycin, benzamycin, benzyol peroxide, retin a, azeleic acid, tazorac cream, clenia face wash, sulfur soaps...the list goes on. and i ALWAYS wore foundation to cover up. my face really looked bad, and i know wat it felt like with having zits all over the face. i started differin CREAM about 2 1/2 years ago, which was slowly improving my skin, although i would break out with major big cysts every 3 weeks or so. but it was better than wat my skin was like in hs!. then i read a post on this board about carleys, and chekd out their website and just decided to buy the stuff, and since then, ive been using both the differin cream (differin is sooo gentle on my skin and is the ONLY rx drug that did not leave my skin peeling and dry and painful) and the carleys face wash. definitely chek out their website. the stuff isnt that expensive either. it may not work for everybody, as one person has already posted, but u never kno. anyways, hope this info helps!