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Hi All,
Please help. I have been using Benzamycine for years and have become pretty immune to it for the last several months. Am breaking out badddd. Oral antibiotics dont seem to help much cause i am immune to most of them! Basically my question is, are Benzaclin and Benzamycin any different? I mean is benzaclin better than benzamycin? Will benzaclin work is benzamycin doesnt anymore?? HELP!
is the Benzamycin the creme or the oral kind? i think my dr. prescribed me a creme/lotion that sound like one of those, can you become immune to the topicals?
Benzaclin and Benzamycin are the same thing except you don't have to refridgerate Benzaclin as you do Benzamycin.

But Benzamycin contains Erythromycine and Benzaclin contains clindamycin. Those are different arent they?
Benzaclin and benzamycin are slightly different. Benzaclin doesn't dry your face, whereas benzamycin does because it contains alcohol. I use to use benzaclin, actually 11 months ago, and it worked perfectly and never became immune it. I was on benzaclin for 3 years and I saw fast results with in a couple months. However, I stopped using it because I ran out of prescription. I was lazy to go to the doctors office to get more prescription for it and assumed that because my face was smooth clear, my acne wouldn't come back. I was wrong, but only because I became lazy washing my face every night and took my clear face for granted. So, I went back to get more prescription for benzaclin, however, my insurance didn't cover it for some reason, and it was about $300. So, I got benzamycin instead because it only cost me $10 for it... I started using it since September of this year. Anyway, I really don't see any results, only that it just dries my skin... well maybe it reduced my acne, but not as well as benzclin. I think benzaclin is 95% better than benzmycin. This sucksss.... I wish I had benzaclin :[. I think I'm going to switch soon. Just keep in mind that both topicals are similar because they help fight acne, which is essentially the "same," but are different due to the contents... they are going to react to your skin differently... I hope my story helps...