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My acne is not terrible. I don't have it on my cheeks at all and very rarely have it on my chin or around my mouth. I do get a fair amount of zits on my forehead though, especially in the temple area. My forehead always seems to be very oily. Also, I get isolated big ones on my back that hurt like a mother. I have tried every cleanser and cream out there it seems like, from benzoyl peroxide to salycylic acid to tryclosine (sp?) (clearasil, oxy, clean & clear, etc.), but I have yet to find something that works well. Most of those products cause very dry and flaky crusty gross skin and redness and soreness, but don't clear up the zits well. Now recently, I have been hearing good things about more natural approaches such as ALOE VERA gel. I am wondering: WHO HAS TRIED IT?, DID IT WORK?, WOULD YOU RECOMEND IT?, and WHAT IS THE BEST BRAND AND METHOD FOR USING IT?...also, DO YOU USE ANY OTHER CLEANSERS OR CREAMS WITH IT?...if you do, what kind? I would really like too know a good exfoliating cleanser that is good for cleaning and getting rid of that crusty flaky dead skin but doesnt have those harsh drying chemicals like benzoyl peroxide or salycylic acid...sorry this is so long...I am just so frustrated with the whole acne thing, I want to clear it up for good!!!!