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My dermatologist was rather unhelpful in this department. (In fact, he was pretty useless until he gave me my Accutane prescription...but that's another story.)

He had prescribed me an antibiotic, and a whole slew of products to use on my face, but I was still concerned about my back. He prescribed me a 10% benzoyl peroxide wash for my back to use in the shower. They sell that type of stuff over the counter. Unless your acne is bad enough for him to put you on orals, you can probably save time, money and effort by just picking out some products at the drugstore. (If you do use a benzoyl peroxide wash, you are supposed to let it sit on your back for 3 minutes before washing it off. It does bleach your towel too...so either use a white one...or just get a gross towel that you can use for the duration of your treatment and then dispose of.)