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The use ofantibiotice for less than severe acne is generaly frowned upon for 2 reasons-

it excerts selective preasure on the persons body flora to alow antibiotic resistant organisms to become dominant


it encourages antibiotic resistance in the community.

To put it simply, your dermatologist has prescribed clindamycin, one of the last lines of defence against MRSA when used by injection, to treat a few teenage zits, which seems a foolish waste of a valuable antibiotic.

Benzoyl Peroxide has been shown to be as effective as antibiotics, without the dangers to the person or to society at large.

I would auggest she wash her face with cetaphil, then apply 5% benzoyl peroxide (benzac etc) at night, then wash her face with cetaphil and apply 2% salicylic acid (nutrogena rapid clear acne moisturizer) in the morning