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Hi everyone,
I am a 35 year old female. Except for when I was a young teenager(12-15) I never have had acne. My skin was clear in my late teens and all through my twenties. I hardly even got one pimple. Around age 30 my skin started breaking out, it just came on out of nowhere. not severe acne, just small red bumps but they were in all areas of my face, forhead, cheeks, jawline. These bumps are also quite itchy and my skin always feels prickly and oily. Since then I have been to 4 dermatologists and a naturopath. None has helped. I have tried retin-A and benzoyl peroxide. Both are awful stuff. Red, itchy flaky skin that made me look worse. I have tried so many different soaps, cleansers, creams, essential oils etc. you name it, I've tried it.
I started taking Diane 35 and have just finished my 5th pack so 5 months now. I have not noticed a difference whatsoever, if anything, I am getting a fwe larger pimples than before I went on Diane.

Has anyone experienced their skin worse since on Diane? I have heard it is the best birth control out there to treat acne and I have read many success stories.
I am wondering if I should stick it out awhile longer or not? Maybe bcp won't work for me. I don't know what to do anymore because I am getting old and I want my skin to be clear. Don't want wrinkles and acne. My doc says it is the best so I should stick with it. Has anyone experienced having to wait longer than 5-6 months before Diane clears their skin?

I appreciate all replies