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I only think that most of the over counter acne clensers, creams etc only work to a small degree depending on the severity of your acne etc. I too have tried many over the counter products with little to no sucess... Nowdays it seems that there are more and more over the counter products available, but most contain salycylic acid in them and personally I can't use them as this causes me to break out more... I still think IMOHO that products containing benzoyl peroxide work the best, or Sulfur based products like sulfur soaps etc. I talked to my derm about this and he told me that ones skin does or can not become immune to benzoyl peroxide contrary to what some may think.. He said it's been effective and has been around for yrs and will continue to be.. Only applying it lightly with a good moisturizer has been more sucessful then anything else over the counter, but even that doesnt keep my totally clear.. I have a sulfur wash which he prescribed for me that works wonders. Not overly drying with a good moisturizer. I also use some other topicals from him that work better then anything over the counter, but as you know, everyones skin reacts differently to different things..... GOOD LUCK