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Can anyone assist me by providing a list of Salicylic acid free products? It seems as though I'm allergic to it. Until I can get healthcare I 'd like to still try out products. If it is too long just limit it for someone poor as I am poor.

I have a suggestion for you. What really really helped me out is using a gentle face wash with a benzoyl peroxide cream. Salicylic acid never really did much for me. The stuff I really like are Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser and then put on Neutrogena On the Spot cream all over your face. After that I use Cetaphil lotion but I get the generic kind usually to save money. If Aveeno is too expensive for you cause it is a little high, I would try Johnson's Head to Toe baby wash. That way you get a huge bottle for cheap. I used to use it but Aveeno is a lot more gentle on my skin.