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I have used many products, ranging from super expensive to those commonly found at drugstores. There are not many outstanding products out there, especially since I have sensitive skin. Usually sensitive skin formulas assume dry skin and acne specific products are often too harsh.

Here are the products I use to help calm my Acne. I usually have really clear skin, and at the most one or two small pimples. If I deviate from this regimen my face explodes. I am hoping that these suggestion will be helpful to you too. Plus you can buy them all with only investing $40 - 50 total!!


1 - Face Wash - Kiss my Face (Peaceful Patchouli shower gel) Even though this is technically a body wash, this is the best face wash I have ever used, hands down. It gets your skin very clean, but is not drying.

2 - Serum - Olay Regenerist (Daily regenerating serum (not the lotion), fragrance free) This is the most wonderful product I have used, and is essential to keeping my skin clear. It works by (i think) primarily sloughing off dead skin - but I have used other products with similar claims that were just plain irritating. This is a bit expensive...but well worth a try!

[SIZE="3"]Once a Week

3 - Scrub - I use Clinique (7 day scrub). This could be substituted with a different scrub. I don't feel that this particular one is special. The key, I think, is fine scrubbing particles and using a very light touch. The Olay product should keep your skin in pretty good shape and you should not have too much to scrub off at the end of the week. Be careful with scrubs, as they can aggravate acne and make the problem worse. I do find a benefit in doing this - only once a week, and lightly.

4 - Mask - (Queen Helene, Mint Julep Masque) This clay based mask is great! It also has sulfur, which helps dry up pimples, but this formula has never made my skin too dry or irritated. Use it after your scrub, and only once a week. It makes your skin feel smooth and your pores look tight. If you can't find this mask, the other one I like is Zia's acne mask (found at Whole Foods and my local co-op).


Spot Treatment- Clearasil Ultra(Vanishing acne treatment cream 10% Benzoyl Peroxide) Spot treatment, for occasional localized breakouts. Use to clear faster your current pimples, while trying the above.

As you can see, most of these products are not formulated for Acne, but I have found that they work better than those that are. Also, I am a bit lazy and don't always wash my face at night...but still have clear skin when I follow the above. Also, I tend toward moderate adult acne and I don't know how this would help if your problem is severe or you are a teen. But I think they would at least have a calming effect.

Now that my face is clear, I am noticing that I have some uneven pigmentation on my cheeks and around my eyes, especially the lids. Has anyone used a melatonin blocking product that worked, w/o aggravating acne?