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Ok so here is the deal I am 27 and still deal with acne. Its not to horrible but still annoying as all get out. So I have been reading up on ways to help this problem without the use of prescriptions (no insurance). One thing I read about is using a good facial cleaner in the morning and at night. Right now I use a foaming facial cleaner for sensitive skin at night and Acne Free in the morning. Acne Free has Benzoyl Peroxide which I like. Another thing that was said is use a good facial moisturizer because if your face gets dry it makes your oil glands go into over drive and you get acne again.

What kind of facial moisturizer do you all recommend? I am thinking of trying this Olay one that I forget the name of. I can not use anything with salicyclic acid because after just a few uses of anything with that in it makes me face really red and it burns. So I make sure anything I use has benzoyl peroxide in it.

So any recommendations.