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how much doess a dermatologist visit cost for you? Do you have any insurance? For all the money I spent on things like proactive and OTC stuff over the years when I was uninsured I wish I had just saved up and seen the derm. If you count, it'll literally add up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars of money spent on things that don't work. From the sound of it, your acne started after the pill so it's probably hormonal, which means no amount of OTC stuff will help very much. It's like treating an inside out problem from the ouside in, and I learned the hard way it just won't work. My acne is hormonal, so I wasted a ton of money and a ton of time on proactive, OTC benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, anything you can name, I bought it and gave it at least a three month go. I tried special diets, giving them six months at least before I quit. Some things got my skin somewhat under control and I'd settle for having "not horrendous" skin with them, but ultimately they all stopped being effective anyway. The only things that worked for me were doctor prescribed treatments, unfortunately.
I hope you can find a product you like that works well for you, but since it will take so much time and money trying different OTC products, if you can I'd consider saving up for a doctor visit.
Wash twice a day with cetaphil (or the RiteAid generic, which is identical but far cheaper)

Wipe over with a Nutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Pad (2% Salicylic Acid)

Wait 10 minutes or so until it is dry, then apply 5% Benzoyl peroxide gen (Oxy5 or generic)

Do this once a day for a week or so, until any irritation has settled and your skin is used to the regime, then increase to twice a day.