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I've been in control of my acne for years now using my acne kit Solvere, kleenex tissues, and ice cubes. I don't much suffer from acne but my acne scars, for years, have never lost their discolorations. I'm almost positive that it's the benzoyl peroxide.

The acne kit is 99% effective.

I use the tissues to blot my face when it starts to look oily.

I put an ice cube on a pimple before it develops for 4 min., 2x/day. It completely stops it from forming and leaving any type of mark.

The thing is, though, that I'm tired of having to buy a rather expensive acne kit every month and going through the same rituals all the time.

I strongly believe that if I do a cleansing of my body, and then do a cleansing for Candida parasites I will eliminate the acne as well as the discolorations. I'm scared of one thing, though; the possible initial breakout. I feel I've worked to hard to get to where I am with my face.

Can anyone give me an opinion about this theory.