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I'm 25, I've had acne for over a decade. It has not gotten better since I've gotten older. I've tried many many things, been through many many rituals, and ended up with the routine I have now -- which is a very ridiculous routine. Tee tree oil soap, then 10% benzoyl peroxide, then moisturizer mixed with alpha lipoic acid (I mix manually), then concealer -- I do this twice a day when I wash my face, it takes 20 minutes each. And it doesn't work well. It's embarrassing to have my friends wait for me while I wash my face at night, or when I spend 40 minutes showering after I exercise. It's embarrassing to buy Cover Girl concealer as a 25 year old man, lol, but I need it to cover blemishes. Believe me, I have tried everything -- all sorts of ridiculous diets (such as NO carbs, gluten-free, vegetarian, milk-free, etc.), exercise, meditation, etc.

I've been to a dermatologist twice. The first time I was like 15, she gave me Retin-A, it dried out my skin way too much and I stopped at. At around 20 I decided to go back, I got some antibiotic which helped a little, but I stopped it because I don't like taking meds for no reason (if it barely worked). I'm willing to go back and try again. I don't care if it's accutane or whatever, I am just so sick of these dumb routines. Does anyone have experience with a certain medication which really helped? And I don't mean aspirin masks, GNC herbs, or any crap like that, but treatments which are actually effective and not time-consuming. I read an article about laser treatment for acne, which apparently has a good success rate. Can anyone give feedback on this or on other similar treatments? Thanks alot : )
Accutane is the gold standard.

You could try using a salicylic acid wipe after washing, but before putting on your benzoyl peroxide, this unclogs the pores and lets the BP penetrate more easily, and helps prevent acne forming


Wash with Hibiclens for 1 minute

Wipe over witha Nutrogena Rapid Clear Pad, let it dry

Apply your benzoyl peroxide

Oral zinc in high doses (50mg three times a day) hasbeen shoun to quite significantly reduce acne.