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Lizzie, I feel your pain and understand how you feel. Having acne and figuring out why you have it can be one of the most difficult things. Everybody's body is different and even doctors and scientists are perplexed as to why some get acne and some don't. You have to consider a lot of things - diet, stress, hereditary - things you already know. I don't have a miracle cure for you, I wish I did. I'm 42 and have acne off and on since I was 12 years old. My dermotologist perscribed everything known to man and I'd still break out. I was opposed to going on Accutane, but finally after being desperate and deeply (I'm talking DEEPLY) depressed about my face, I studied up on the drug and finally took the plunge. My doctor monitored me closely the entire time I was taking it. I am happy to report that I had no major side effects (other than dry eyes and dry hands). After the 5 month treatment my face was literally transformed! People were coming up to me and asking me what I was doing to my skin because they thought it looked so nice - even my boss. She called me into her office one day (I thought I was in trouble when she asked me to close the door behind me - lol) and she asked me what I had done cosmetically (as in surgical) to my face cause she wanted to do it. My skin stayed clear for many, many years afterwards and my depression over my acne totally lifted. I found myself actually confident to look people in the eye for the first time in my adult life! I know you said you were totally opposed to Accutane and I TOTALLY understand that. I was too. Whether or not to take Accutane is a huge decision that should never be made on a whim. I actually have taken it twice in my life. I took it again at age 37 or 38 and had the same wonderful results. My skin is not perfect now by any means; I still get a cystic pimple here and there (not fun!) but for the most part I am clear - nothing like what I used to suffer. I get physicals yearly and my blood work always comes back completely normal - even my liver enzymes and triglycerides. I know there are a lot of Accutane horror stories out there as well, but no one talks about the success stories so that's why I am posting this. Please don't think I am pushing anyone to get this treatment. Everybody's skin is different and it's definitely a personal choice between you and your doctor. A few other things before I write a book here - Have you considered a IPL therapy for your acne? It's an alternative to taking meds that might harm your body, but a little pricey. Also, be sure to drink LOTS of water to help flush out any toxins that could be contributing to your breakouts. Stay away from refined sugar as much as you can also. For a cleanser, I use Neutrogena Rapid Clearing Oil reducing wash (it's in an orange tube - Target, Walmart, any drug store should have it) and I also use Clinque Clarifying lotion to mop up any extra oil. I actually use it before AND after I wash my face. For touch ups when I get zits I used 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide (they make 10% but it's way too harsh!) Anyway, I hope you find the treatment that's best for you. I really do. I totally understand the frustration of having acne. Life is just seems happier for some reason when you have a clear complextion! :)