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Hi, I had tried a lot of home remedies such as garlic, cinnamon, lemon, benzoyl, papaya, orange peel, honey, toothpaste(not gel), pineapple, baking soda, tea tree oil... and some chemical such as neutrogena, oxy, biore, gervenne and some other chemical brands for pimple...but it din't works and also some anti-biotic for pimple.. I drink enough water each day and now im taking a pill called' skin clear' by kordel's... the pimple looks like nodules and macules ...I have been suffer for 8 month on my cheek. I eat alots of fruits and take vitamin C everyday.My sister din't have pimple and im the only1 in my family suffer for pimple. I'm not stress.I do eat non-oily food.. I really need ur help and i wish to have a clear skin very soon.