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Hi Henry
It is a hard battle with Acne, I am 34 and get fed up and think will this ever end? but I am doing really well since I decided to STOP PICKING and if you could see what difference its made to my face it would make you think WOW it does help alot...I think picking makes your face 'ANGRY" for sure and ok so you might get to something pop but then I think we spread that around causing bacteria and dirt to get into put pores and its a vicious cycle...

I had a few moments where I did get some black heads but they came out and I ddint leave any marks ...but still a bit naughty!!!

I also had a set back with my Proactiv as I scrubbed too hard and my skin had a bad reaction and I felt like my face was on fire and had to run out to the store I found something called CaraVe and its a gentle Cleanser and it helps soften and sooth Skin without it getting oily I love it , I watched something interesting on OPRAH and it was about beauty secrets and about products there was a lady who had Acne and she was washing her face with like anti bacterial hand SOAP then putting some acne cream then slathering a greasy moisterizer as the crap she was using was drying out her skin (which again if your skin is too DRY it can make you break out its a myth only acne likes oily skin types ,mine is normal dry...some areas are Dryer and I break out , its definately about balancing the skin so its comfortable...and thats a hards task but I think I have figured mine out now, using the gentle cleanser once a day and mositerizer and then the Acne wash and treatment once a day...might go to every other day ...mine is Benzoyl Peroxide and it can be pretty harsh but its about using little amounts not like blasting your face with too much harshness...........

but then some people might benefit using stronger products to help control the oil but often we strip our skin down and what happens the skin makes more....

its a hard one to crack I wish there was a cure (it would make somebody RICH ) a magic pill and no acne wouldnt it be great but sadly I think it needs combination of products! and lots of patcience...thats ahrd too as we want it to work NOW....but sticking to something for a few months too switching products as I did is another bad thing I think for Acne....

I wish you luck and hope you see an improvement soon, but really I am not joking no picking is gotta be the top thing on that list :)

Keep me posted :)

Good ain't looking dat bad as before u know, it's really a good news, but do you know the worst, is that I envy you. How I pray mine should just clear up and leave my face a bit clear like yours.

Well, I visited my Dr. yesterday and I was given a different routine with Doxycycline and Benzoyl Peroxide + Dalacin T. Solution. I'm still to lay my hands on the Dalacin T. Solution and see how the whole thing works.

I'm pretty much sure Time is a gentleman and as such, am trying my best to stop picking.


well i have a zit on my chin today :) so hope that cheers yo up heehee! no really I know how you probably are thinking I wish mine was clearing up, but it will..you have to think it will....what kind of ance do you have? it is all over or patches? ...whats your skin like? dry? oily? combo?

I ahve never been to a dermatologist was always too embarrased and ashamed to go
I knew they would know I picked my face...and felt stupid admitting that!

I said if after stop picking it doesnt help then I was going to go to one, but scared they might tell me to use all kinds of $$$ products...

are yours perscriptions? what else have you tried? I use Proactiv is that available where you live? its ingredient is Benzoyl peroxide but a small amount and still drys me out a bit as I am older LOL

I use it once a day or every other then a gentle Mild Cleanser...its going alright, I dont have Clear skin still but it has only been a few weeks and I still mess a little...not as bad as I was though which is why I think it is getting better...

and it is a struggle to not do it!!!! got so much of a part of my routine! its hard to stop
but I and we can all do it :)

Take Care