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I used to break out really bad when I was in my teens. Went to the dermatologist all the time and he would prescribe all types of stuff that would work on and off. Then one day he prescribed accutane. That killed off the acne for a few years... til recently. Im 25 now and in the last 3 weeks Ive been breaking out like crazy on my forehead. The cystic kind of pimples. I used to break out more in other areas and I guess the forehead is better than the nose, but its really bad. I dont know what it is-- the only thing I could think of is the following:
1. I recently started using Proactiv. Didnt break out before it. Im not sure if this contributed since I broke out more than a month after using it. If this was the problem, wouldnt I break out after a week or two?
2. A new work out routine. I always used to work out but this time it involves a lot more weights... Those are the only two major changes in the past month that I can think of. Ive been trying everything to get rid of it but its not working. I bought this stuff that has 2% salicylic acid as the active ingredient. Ive bought clearisil 10% benzoyl peroxide cream. Ive drank 3 bottles of 1.5 liter bottles of water for about week now. still no dice. Next I am thinking of stopping the use of Proactiv altogether- but im worried I will break out even worse. Recently ive been washing my face and whenever one set of pimples would clear, a whole new set would come up. Can anyone offer any advice or their experience???? Im getting depressed! What can I do? What should I expect? Anyone else have similiar experiences with in general or with Proactiv???
Some other alternatives Im thinking of trying:
-PURE tea tree oil
-Going to the Tanning salon and burning the pimples off
-B5 (although I dont think this is possible- its just too expensive. 5-10 grams??? thats about a bottle a week! Plus I hear the minute you stop using it, acne comes right back. If i could just take one pill a day I would try it)
- Going to the gun store and trying to shoot my pimples off my face. (just kidding)
Any suggestions or comments on anything I said in this post would be really helpful. Thanks!!!